BlueLife™ Emerald Digital RO™ Water Purifier

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Water you can Trust Totally!

  • Innovative, unique and highly advanced water purifier
  • Digital RO Technology ensures optimum quality of purified water
  • LED indications for Power ON, Purification ON, Tank Full, No Inlet Water, Filter Change Alarm
  • Removes dissolved impurities like Rust, Pesticides, Arsenic, Fluoride, Lead, Heavy Metals, Bacteria and Viruses
  • Delivers pure, hygienic and tastiest drinking water with preserved essential natural minerals
  • Floor standing with wheels or to mount on wall

Key Features:

  • First of its kind
  • Digital RO technology ensures maximum life of the purifier and delivers purest water
  • LED indications with Power ON, Purification ON, Tank Full, No Inlet Water and Filter Change
  • Pressure guages to indicate the pressure at the inlet of RO Element
  • Attractive floor standing design with stainless steel structure also provision for wall mounting
  • Purification by Polypropylene Sediment Filter, Granular Activated Pre-Carbon Filter, Activated Carbon Block Filter, followed by UV Sterilisation
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 58 listed, Dow FilmTec RO Membrane for ultimate filtration/ equal standards of Reverse Osmosis element
  • Removes dissolved impurities like Rust, Pesticides, Arsenic, Fluoride, Lead, Heavy Metals etc.
  • Removes Bacteria and Viruses
  • Emerald comes with 25 liters per hour/ Sapphire comes with 50 liters per hour purification capacity
  • Fully automatic
  • Robust stainless steel structure with powder coated aluminium sheet metal enclosure
  • Outlet connection for external storage water cooler

Technical Specifications:

  • Purification Capacity: 25 liters/ hour
  • Max. Duty Cycle:                 125 liters/ day
  • Storage Tank Capacity: Storage Tank not included
  • Filter Cartridges:                 20″ Polypropylene Sediment, Granular Activated Carbon, Activated Carbon Block
  • RO Element: TW-1812-75 Dow FilmTec/ Equivalent
  • UV Lamp: 11.00 Watt, Philips
  • Inlet Water Pressure (Min): 0.3 kg/ cm2
  • Power Supply: 24V DC, 4 Amps
  • Input Voltage: 90 – 300V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Pressure Guage:                 2″, 0 – 300 PSI, 1 No.
  • Dimensions: W 475 x H 700 x D 310 (mm)

**Under test conditions

Note:    Purifier not recommended for installation at above 2000ppm of feed water.

Due to continuous developments, product specifications may change without notice.

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