📌 Discard Plastics in Food Contact Applications, 

Upgrade to Stainless Steel for Pure and 100% Hygienic Drinking Water
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BlueLife TechnoSciences India Private Limited, a professional manufacturer of Residential Water Purifiers with it’s in-house designed products. BlueLife produces Quality and state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis and UV/ UF water purifiers with the brand name of BlueLife™. In comparison with all the available models of this category, BlueLife™ stands Unique with offbeat features.
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📌 Why #Stainless Steel Storage: 

To keep your purified Pure and 100% Hygienic and to avoid Secondary Contamination.
📌 Why #Detachable Storage Tank : 

For easy periodical cleansing. 

(Fixed storage tank purifiers are not convenient for cleansing periodically and deposited salts in purified water storage tank may cause for secondary contamination, and harmful)
📌 Why not Plastic Storage Tanks: 

Bisphenol A (BPA), a controversial chemical being commonly used in manufacturing of plastic bottles, plastic food containers and food contact applications from the past 50 years, according to the US #FDA, has potential health effects on the brain, behaviour, and prostate glands in fetuses, infants and young children. The risks associated with BPA are primarily Cancer, Heart Diseases, Brain & Behaviour Problems and Hormone disruptions. Further research by the Governments of China and Canada has supported US FDA’s concerns on #BPA.

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