My answer to Which is best water purifier kent or Hindustan lever pure it?

Answer by BlueLife India:

The Best available water purifier is BlueLife TulipsRED, see how it is..!

Is an online water purifier for domestic use. It converts contaminated/ impure water from any source like ground water/ river or municipal water, into safe drinking water (potable water) with retained essential natural minerals. Its intended users are households. It gives a comprehensive water purification solution by using Sediment Filter, pre-Carbon filter, "Reverse Osmosis" process, post-Carbon filter followed by UV (Ultra Violet) sterilization. Thus it removes all the four types of contaminants in water called physical, biological, bad colour and bad odours of water and the total dissolved solids. It is conveniently mounted onto a kitchen-wall and is connected to a running water source to obtain pure and safe drinking water collected into the in-built stainless steel purified water storage tank.

What makes this product an innovative design solution?

It is an innovative design solution for the following reasons:

The Enclosure:

1. The enclosure is a sheet metal fabrication made out of aluminium unlike the available plastic molds in the market. The idea is to avoid using plastic to the extent possible as it is believed that hygienically metal is better opted than plastic.

2. The purified water is stored in a Stainless Steel tank unlike the in-built and non-detachable plastic tank models available in the market.

3. Besides, unlike the existing models, the storage tank is detachable for cleaning purposes.

4. Plastic is a by-product of petroleum which effects purified water and it undergoes chemical changes under environmental changes such as heat and light, and may cause secondary contamination. But, SS Tank is safe under all conditions.

5. Unlike all the existing models, the enclosure is designed to the easiest serviceability.

The Technology:

A unique digital technology in reverse osmosis water purification system is developed in-house as "Digital RO" and it is used to aid a digital interface to the water purification system, which is very unique in the market. There are manifold advantages of this Digital RO technology than other conventional models of water purifiers, and they are as follows:

1. It ensures that the consumables used in the product last to their optimum usage life.

2. It ensures better water purification.

3. User friendly and provides necessary information to the customer by digital LED indications like Power On, Purification On, Tank Full, No in-let water and Filter Change Alarm.

User Benefits:

The technology is very customer-friendly. It provides the information to the customer about the purification parameters like whether the over-head tank is full of water as no inlet water may cause temporary break-down of the product. This technology ensures optimum life of the consumables which is a considerable monetary implication to the customer, providing a cost-effective solution. Existing conventional water purifiers will not purport to the indication of the optimum specifications of the consumables. This technology is specification-perfect of the consumables. This technology ensures better purification standards. The fully automatic functioning of the product ensures ease of use. It is energy efficient comparatively over other existing products. The product aesthetics are well received by the market.

Why Stainless Steel Storage?

Bisphenol A (BPA), a contraversial chemical being commonly used in manufacturing of plastic bottles, plastic food containers and food contact applications from the past 50 years, according to the US FDA, has potential health effects on the brain, behavior, and prostate glands in fetuses, infants and young children. The risks associated with BPA are primarily Cancer, Heart Diseases, Brain & Behavior Problems and Harmone disruptions. Further research by the Governments of China and Canada has supported US FDA’s concerns on BPA.……

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Which is best water purifier kent or Hindustan lever pure it?