What is TDS in water? What to do if it is more than 500mg/L?

Answer by BlueLife India:

For 500 ppm and more TDS source water, only available solution is Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier to bring down this TDS to below 50 ppm, of Bacteria and Virus free.

BlueLife range of Water Purifiers comes with Detachable Stainless Steel Storage Tank for 100% Pure and Hygienic Drinking Water.

Why Stainless Steel Storage Tank : For 100% Pure and Hygienic Drinking Water, and to avoid Secondary Contamination and also to avoid health and environmental hazards in using plastics.

Why Detachable Storage Tank: For easy and periodical cleansing. Non-detachable plastic storage tank purifiers are not accessible to customers to clean it properly, may cause for secondary contamination due to salts deposited over a period of time.

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What is tds in water? What to do if it is more than 500mg/L?