My answer to How do I buy the right home water purifier or water filter?

Answer by BlueLife India:

Classification of impurities in drinking water

  • Physical Impurities, Dirt, Dust, Sand etc.. Can be eliminated/removed from Sediment Filter Cartridge
  • Bad Colour and Odor: Can be eliminated/removed from Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge. Silver impregnation to Carbon will restrict the bacterial growth in feed water.
  • Biological Contaminants, Bacteria and Virus : Eliminated removed from Reverse Osmosis Element. Deactivated by Ultra Violet Sterilisation.
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) : Eliminated/removed from Reverse Osmosis Element.

If the source water is below the permissible level to process through reverse osmosis i.e., 200 to below 2000 to 2500 ppm TDS, it is better to choose RO purifier, is comprehensive and best available solution within the reach of normal household use for home made pure drinking water.

If the source water is below or around 200 ppm TDS, can also choose UV based purifier which deactivates biological contamination virus and bacteria. UV treated water is not suggested for storage for so long before consumption.

We can not say just RO purifier is best, and UV purifier is best based on source water too. The fact is that, while choosing a purifier to buy it is important to know about all essential purification stages, technical information about its filtering media, components quality, consumables life based on consumption, ease in use, cost of maintenance etc. Also check with warranty period and applicability too.

Don’t forget that unnecessary and unwanted increase in filtration stages may increase the cost of maintenance too. Because all filter cartridges are consumables and costs you.

Gather information on features, technical specifications, prepare a comparison table and then take a decision. It is also necessary to recheck the technical specifications provided are really integrated or not….!

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How do I buy the right home water purifier or water filter?