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Water…. Purified water…. Potable water…. is the latest urge all over the world.

We receive  water from the sky. It falls to earth and percolates through the earth, into streams, whirling, tumbling, and absorbing light photons, energy and the minerals essential for healthy life. When it is drunk, the minerals and synergy it offers are absorbed and converted to energy, and it passes back into the earth and the sea – where it evaporates to continue this perfect natural cycle. The intricate perfection of the snowflake is testament to water’s structural integrity as it falls, pure and new, from the sky. Natural water is a rarity today due to industrial contamination, woodland loss and the need for centralized water storage.

Drinking water is so important for good health. When you were a kid in school, you learned that each molecule of water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.  Every organ in the body heavily depends on water to function properly and to its capacity. We are mostly water. Medieval thinkers still believe water is there to give the body volume; otherwise it would be nothing but dry chemicals.

Water is important to the mechanics of the human body. The body cannot work without it, just as a car cannot run without gas and oil. In fact, all the cell and organ functions made up in our entire anatomy and physiology depend on water for their functioning.

– Water serves as a lubricant.
– Water forms the base for saliva.
– Water forms the fluids that surround the joints.
– Water regulates the body temperature, as the cooling and heating is distributed through perspiration.
– Water helps to alleviate constipation by moving food through the intestinal tract and thereby eliminating waste- the best detox agent.
– Regulates metabolism.